How to Copy backup a MySQL Database

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The mysqldump Command

The mysqldump command creates a text version of the database. Specifically, it creates a list of SQL statements which can be used to restore/recreate the original database.

# mysqldump -uusername -ppasswd dbname > backupfile.sql


# mysqldump -B openfire > /home/db.sql


# mysqldump –all-databases -r dbdump.sql -uroot-p

[username] Your database username
[passwd] The password for your database
[dbname] The name of your database
[backupfile.sql] The filename for your database backup

You can dump a table, a database, or all databases.

To dump all MySQL databases on the system, use the –all-databases shortcut:

# mysqldump -u root -p –all-databases > backupfile.sql

Restoring a MySQL Database

Use this method to rebuild a database from scratch

# mysql -u username -p passwd database_to_restore < /path/to/file.sql

Use this method to import into an existing database (i.e. to restore a database that already exists)

# mysqlimport -u sadmin -p pass21 db_name DBback.sql


# mysqlimport options database textfile


mysql>use dbname; <select the existing DB >
mysql>source /home/db.sql; <restore backup to the db>


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