Error: Spoolsv.exe is taking up 59%, 70% or maxmimum system resources caused stuck.

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This file is responsible for how Microsoft Windows handles print and fax jobs on your computer. This file is not a critical process and can be safely removed from the Task Manager  to free up used memory.

To do this in Task Manager highlight he spoolsv.exe process and click the End Process button.

The abnormal high amount of CPU usage is caused when there are still printer jobs in the Windows spool. To manually remove these print jobs follow the below steps.

1. Click Start, Settings, Control panel.

2. In the Control Panel double-click the Administrative Tools and then Services.

3. Within services locate Print Spooler and right-click it and select Stop.

4. Once this process has been stopped leave the windows open and open My Computer and browse the the below folder




5.In this folder delete all the files in the PRINTERS folder. Once these have been deleted you can right-click the Print Spooler in the Services window and click Start to re-enable the service.

If this does not resolve your issue it’s likely you have an issue with your printer drivers you have installed for your printers.

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