Howto: Run remote applications in full GUI mode.

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GUI ssh

First you need to have a ssh access to network or system you need to open files on GUI ( some of the point you must note it down that give end of  this post to worked out it )

just uncomment ForwardX11 yes in /etc/ssh/ssh_config file. After that if you type,  filezilla for an example, the remote application will run in full GUI mode.

$ ssh


[user@hostname ~]#filezilla


Another a simple way to have these setting without editing sshd configuration file

Simple login at ssh with this patameter

$ ssh -X (parameter cap sensitive )


[user@hostname ~]#filezilla

Note : You must logon to another machine to terminal  with a gui session,

Check both the OS version or same (ie: if you are useing centos 5.3 the destination machine also working with same centos 5.3 )

Have a fun……………..:)


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