Run linux commands through webpage

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You my use webinterface to run some bash scripts through you can watch system process and some other things, Lets watch how to do.

CGI support with apache / httpd webserver

$vi desktop1.cgi

desktop1.cgi code listing:

echo “Content-type: text/html”
echo “”
echo “<html><head><title>Bash as CGI”
echo “</title></head><body>”
echo “<h1>General system information for host $(hostname -s)</h1>”
echo “”
echo “<h1>Memory Info</h1>”
echo “<pre> $(free -m) </pre>”
echo “<h1>Disk Info:</h1>”
echo “<pre> $(df -h) </pre>”
echo “<h1>Logged in user</h1>”
echo “<pre> $(w) </pre>”
echo “<center>Information generated on $(date)</center>”
echo “</body></html>”

Change file permission to execute :

$chmod +X desktop1.cgi

Open your browser and check like this http://Your.server.ip/cgi-bin/disktop1.cgi


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