Howto: Installing HP LaserJet 1020 on Redhat

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Installing Hp printer using cups on linux box, also we can  share over network or adding windows printer share to any of the Redhat flavour, for that  you must enable unix printing support on windows which you would like to share and follow  the below steps.

For Installing Printer using this method GCC packages is must.
yum -y install gcc*

Step 1:- Execute Following Command
wget -O foo2zjs.tar.gz
This command will download Driver

Step 2 :- Unpack the downloaded Drivers.Execute Following Commands
tar zxvf foo2zjs.tar.gz
cd foo2zjs

Step 3:- Now Compile Drivers & Install Drivers (GCC Packages need here now)
[root@nt-test~]# make
[root@nt-test~]# make install
[root@nt-test~]# make install-hotplug
(this command will detect your USB printer)

When you finished this then follow below steps :-

Execute system-config-printer command
Find your Printer and Install it.

Get extra files from the web like Firm ware and ICM File.Select your Printer and download it.
$ ./getweb 2430 # Get Minolta 2430 DL .ICM files
$ ./getweb 2300 # Get Minolta 2300 DL .ICM files
$ ./getweb 2200 # Get Minolta 2200 DL .ICM files
$ ./getweb cpwl # Get Minolta Color PageWorks/Pro L .ICM files
$ ./getweb 1020 # Get HP LaserJet 1020 firmware file
$ ./getweb 1018 # Get HP LaserJet 1018 firmware file
$ ./getweb 1005 # Get HP LaserJet 1005 firmware file
$ ./getweb 1000 # Get HP LaserJet 1000 firmware file

Thats it 🙂

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