Bash: History appending for multiple sessions

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I got a requirement for listing all the command history if  multiple terminal sessions using in different region for the single user. I followed the below steps.

step1 : Create a new file with the below entries

root@appserver:# cat /etc/profile.d/
function share_history {
 history -a
 history -c
 history -r
HISTTIMEFORMAT=`echo -e "33[1;34m%d/%h/%Y 33[1;31m%H:%M:%S 33[0m"`
shopt -u histappend

Step2: activate it in run-time

root@appserver:# source /etc/profile.d/

Now you can see the list of aged histories

Sample Output :

1005 26/Dec/2013 14:23:08 vi /etc/profile.d/
1006 26/Dec/2013 14:23:27 source /etc/profile.d/
1007 26/Dec/2013 14:23:31 history

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