Error: InfiniDB DBRM in Read only mode error

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I was using infinidb 2.11 community edition, after couple of usage my data1 directory is growing rapidly, so I moved it to the NAS storage location because the community edition is not supporting for data compression. I realized that it will affect the Infinidb performance.

At the time of using NAS storage, I was faced many issues like data dir permission some thing, I findout the error is “DBRM in Read only mode”, From the infinidb forum nothing workout the solution they specified, I can’t restart Infinidb server for this issues, basically it is a busy server.

At last doing couple of research about Infinidb, I got the solution for this error without restarting Infinidb. Follow the steps below

This error because of DBRM unable to rollback the broken transaction.

Use the commands and make the operation normal

/usr/local/Calpont/bin/dbrmctl reload

If everything seems good the last command shows the output like this

[root@infinidb02 bin]# ./DMLProc
Locale is : C
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error'
  what():  InetStreamSocket::bind: bind() error: Address already in use

Solution from Infinidb :