Error: webmail “You are not allowed to change the password for the user user@maindomain.com”

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I am getting error when I try to change my email password using webmail, not CPanel. The error might be like this  You are not allowed to change the password for the user . Usally this will happens when using ‘x’ theme for an cpanel account resolves by changing theme to  x3 or something, but it this case it won’t work. Moreover this email is created using parked domain in this account.

Changing CPanel Theme using command line.

Replace this line in the file /var/cpanel/users/<CP-username>

replace RX=Vertex RX=X2 — *

or Use Cpanel-GUI, navigate to menu shown below,

changing Cpanel Skin, login to your WHM. Under “Account Functions” section click on “Modify an Account” after that choose the account you want to modify from the domain list and then click “Modify” then under “Alter Account Settings > Theme” click on “X2” then click “Save”

No  solution found when I googling finally I decided  to contact Cpanel Tech Support, This time I can solve my issues. The tech guy’s really help me. Their is an another way to fix this.


move /usr/local/cpanel/base/webmail and reran /scripts/upcp –force

This will update Cpanel with the current stable version. all the steps will done automatically by this script.